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2018 Russia World Cup is slowly

Le 10 December 2017, 07:31 dans Humeurs 0

2018 Russia World Cup is slowly coming to us! Tencent sports special launch original column [night reading the World Cup]: talk World Cup stories, World Cup characters, every Friday night with you into the World Cup dedicated to the bright stars! Today's theme is about the first member of our Tencent Russia World Cup "Penguin team" - Suarez! Is the goal of the Soviet Union God bite or bite into the Su population? Is the darling of fans on the side, but also to make all opponents fear the devil! Today we take a look at the double life of Suarez Andre Burakovsky Jersey. As we all know, the Premiership in December also an additional Christmas Express schedule, that is, Christmas schedule is more frequent - in 10 days or so will play 4 games. In the Christmas season, Arsenal kicked four games (first field to the last field) spent the longest time, 289.75 hours, followed by Chelsea, 273 hours and 246.75 hours of Manchester City. As a successful coach leading Newcastle Chongchao, Spanish coach Benny Te has also been taught in Chelsea Connor Carrick Jersey. In November 2012, Benitez replaced the dismissed DiMatteo Jay Beagle Jersey, coach "Chelsea coach" identity as Chelsea finally led his team to third place in the league and won the European Championship, However, after the end of the season, the Spaniard or lonely left the team. Led Newcastle this weekend at Stamford Bridge Stadium Brooks Orpik Jersey, which is the first time Benitez left opponent for Chelsea.

Emre - Jen said

Le 10 December 2017, 07:30 dans Humeurs 0

Emre - Jen said: "I am now focused on the race of the season, as for the renewal, transfer problems, it is by the broker alone, but I must clarify that the reason I have not been with Liverpool I'm not going to renew the contract because of the money.No wrong, next month I'll be able to sign a contract with a non-England squad, but maybe tomorrow I'll renew my contract with Liverpool. Premier League in December will usher in seven rounds of Premier League Chris Brown Jersey, plus a League Cup and the Champions League final round of the group stage Dale Hunter Jersey, the game most teams in December to play nine games. Put aside the League Cup and the Champions talked about Mike Green Jersey, Sky Sports by comparing the top 20 Premier League December opponents in the current league rankings, we can see who the strongest opponent Justin Williams Jersey. Southampton averaged 7.71 opponents in December, the highest of the Premier League 20, followed by Brighton, Newcastle and West Ham respectively. While Manchester United averaged 9th place in December, the highest of the top 6 in the league because Manchester United next round league is Manchester City except for Arsenal this weekend.

At present the transfer market

Le 10 December 2017, 07:30 dans Humeurs 0

At present the transfer market, eyeing a lot of teams of Christians Dale Hunter Jersey, in addition to Manchester United, there are Juventus, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid. It is reported that Manchester United plans to offer 31 million introduction of Kristen Stewart Aaron Volpatti Jersey, interesting is that the player's idol is Pogba, which is the advantage of the Red Devils, and next season, they have the opportunity to fight side by side on the pitch. As Liverpool's head coach, Klopp certainly wants to keep such an important starting player Emre - Jen, because according to today's market conditions, in order to find a suitable substitute for him, at least 4000 Transfer fee of 10,000. However, Emre - Jan has always refused to clear his career future; the same time from Italy, "Turin Sports Daily" reported that the player has reached a consensus with Serie A champion Juventus, next year and Liverpool contract period After that, he will join the Bianconeri as a free agent. If so, this is undoubtedly a tremendous blow to Liverpool Brooks Orpik Jersey. According to the player himself, "this is not a matter of money at all" and "I am very willing to continue to work for Liverpool," then, Emre - Jen always refused to renew the contract with Liverpool do? "Daily Mail" reporter Robert - Ketteringham broke the news that Emre - Zhan I hope to join the new contract a minimum liquidated damages clause in order to join their own future to join other giants leave a "back door" Troy Brouwer Jersey, however Liverpool flatly rejected the request of the German midfielder, the two sides this one after another.

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